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[IPk] re Rhoda, funding at last, and hospitals

Are you saying that consultant witnessing first hand how difficult control has
been while in hospital, helped with funding.Or that poor general health was
believed to be due to poor DM control?
Whichever, congratulations
It's wonderful news and no one deserves it more!!

I'm a bit cynical about medics really believing how many hypos and hypers
patients endure and how lousy they feel and I can imagine that seeing someone
really struggle while under direct observation in hospital may provide
ammunition for funding

What was with the hypo situation. Were you strictly NBM or were you able to
eat, on your normal regimen and just having an unfortunate time with the long
acting? Was there any problems in keeping your own hypo fix handy?. And were
the nurses helpful?
I remember you having difficulty with one particular nurse in previous mail

I understand that self medicating in hospitals is becoming more accepted . I
wonder how this relates to insulin in experienced patients with DM. It would
be wonderful if there comes a day where all DMers who are competant at
managing their disease keep all meds ( whether twice daily premix, MDI or pump
) and are allowed to administer it themselves according to their own BG
readings and usual management. I know that Gloucester let their in patients
keep their pumps on and self manage as long as they are not in for poorly
managed DM,are capable etc. I don't know if this happens with other patients
who are capable of managing their own DM on injections. I wonder if the main
reason why this does not always happen and people have to become " arsey" or
capitulate is because hospitals fear getting sued if something goes wrong eg
hypo ( as if it isn't more likely to happen if control is taken away from the
patient) or dislike of patients being in control, or sheer resistance to
And it does seem that things are allowed to go wrong as long as the patient
has no say in the matter
I wish there was a legally recognised means of ensuring one would be allowed
to continue their own management if cognitively in tact and not suffering from
acute crises such as DKA. Something that you could have on  yuor person at all
times with a number to ring like a medic alert, and that would lead to
litigation if it were not obeyed. But on the D Uk website there is a page
about care while in hospital and treatment is not supposed to be altered
without discussion witht he patient and in the patient's best interest. Also
the fact that physical treatment could be refused if mentally competant. Not
sure how this would translate in practice ( could they refuse to return the
pump to you after you'd been on Ivs due to vomiting/ DKa/surgery and then
allow BG to clime if you were really persistant about refusing injections and
use the fact that yuo were so hypperglycaemic you were unfit to make
I've seen woefully poor DM management on hospital wards. None too good
sometimes even on medical . On surgical wards... they seem to forget the
insulin is vital for life
But then, some patients are hopeless and do not take responsibility for their
own condition, do not even protest if insulin is withheld
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