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Re: [IPk] Re: Pump Arrived

Barbara asked:

Did you get help with 
 your letters and what do you think swayed them in the end?

I'd tried earlier using suggestions given by Insight but without success.

What swayed them in the end?  Maybe my nearly dying in February - 
literally.  In hospital for almost 3 months from just before Christmas until 
March with 2 weeks out.  Apart from asthma, I developed other infections, 
the angina, then multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms, the nearly 
bleeding out with an arterial bleeding duodenal ulcer.  Apparently the latter 
was caused by all the drugs I'd been put on.  

I wrote a couple of pages aide memoire to the DM Consultant listing all 
conditions and my efforts throughout to control DM including a couple of 
horrendous hypos in hospital.  On one occasion for over an hour I couldn't 
get my bgs up above 2 mmol/l (36 mg/dl).  Doctor too busy to come and 
rescue me.

I managed to transfer to Lantus in August on my request as I'd tried it out 
while visiting a DMer friend in the US.  It suits me - YMMV.

So today I picked up my Medtronic 508.  Training will be delayed until the 
plaster cast is off my right hand.  I'll take Di's advice on that one.  <g>

Personally I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go to the lengths I did to 
get funding for a pump! <g>

Also dealing with bronchitis and second week on antibiotics.  

Di play some sport for me and kick the bejabbers out of something :-)

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