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Re: [IPk] Re: Charlie

In my experience, you tend to feel symptoms when you're at a level you're not 
accustomed to.
If you're used to being between 4 and 7, you tend to notice symptoms when you 
go up to above say 10, and feel very unwell when your BG is up at 18 or 
But if you're used to having BG levels that high, it doesn't feel strange.
And you often feel hypo symptoms when your BG goes down to say, 10, when 
clearly you're not actually hypo.
Same goes for lows. If you have a lot of hypos, you often lose your warning 
signs, because your body gets used to being low a lot. The solution is to 
raise your target BG for a while.
I spent some years with BGs in the teens and I didn't feel any symptoms 
unless it went really high, and felt the "false hypos" when it came down to 
about 10. But now that my Bgs are usually between about 4 and 8, I feel 
distinctly unwell if it goes above 10.

> > As I have said previously, despite a very carefully
> > controlled
> >
> > > diet, different insulins etc Charlie's average BM is between 18 and 30
> >
> > most
> >
> > > days but about 3 or 4 most mornings. Why is it that he does not feel
> >
> > unwell
> >
> > > with such high sugar? As a school teacher I remember diabetic children
> > > feeling as bad with high sugar as low. Mind you, Charlie has no
> > > symptoms before he crashes out either!
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