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Re: [IPk] John Neale

> > That's assuming that he does not try to "adjust" his intravenous insulin
> > drip again. The last time he did it, they caught him and punished him by
> > putting him back on injections! Those Germans!
> >
> > Before you ask, the hospital would not let John wear his pump, they would
> > not take the responsibility. Bearing in mind his condition when he was
> > admitted, they were probably right.

Just before John went into hospital, his wife rang me to ask what to do about 
the pump when he went in. After establishing that the hospital in question 
knew very little about pumps, I suggested that the best thing was to have the 
pump disconnected and for John to be put onto intravenous insulin instead. 
Since John was not very compos mentis and certainly wouldn't be if he had to 
have surgery, I figured this was the best option since I wouldn't want 
someone who wasn't familiar with pumps looking after me and my pump!
I know how frustrating it is not to be in control of your own insulin (I've 
been in hospital many a time with intravenous insulin) but it's definitely 
safer than having someone who doesn't know what they're doing playing with 
your pump!
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