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[IPk] Bent cannulas


I know there has been a great deal of correspondance on this
site regarding different infusion sets and bent canulas but I
experienced my first incident of it this weekend.  I use
Quick-sets and changed the infusion on Saturday evening with
no problems.  Blood sugar before bed was 6.1 and Sunday
morning blood sugar was 4.9.  I began to feel a little unwell
before lunch and suspected my blod sugars were raised, as I
had guests I didn't actually get around to testing again at
2:30 pm (stupid I iknow!!) to find that it was off the scale
(as I have previously recorded 26 I think it was probably
above 30!!).  I gave insulin manually and changed the
infusion later.  To my surprise I found that the canula was
bent over at 90 degrees.  My question is - why did it work
normally all night only to fail in the morning?  As the
canula was at 90 deg shouldn't the meter have bleeped at me
that the tubing was blocked?  Anyway blood sugars were back
to normal by 6 pm and have remained normal since.


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