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RE: [IPk] Disetronic D-Tron problems

Good grief Duncan

How ever did they did they finally get a message from you?? Telepathy? That
sounds excellent service if you got a pump in the end.  By the way when you
get sent another pump do they pick up the faulty one and then mend it and
swap over again or what?

I just have this bizarre picture of you in the middle of a deserted
Dartmoor, apart from a few sheep or ponies  then someone running up
carrying a pump!

Mum of Sasha non pumper so don't know about these things

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> Behalf Of Duncan Barnes
> Sent: 06 October 2002 18:49
> To: Insulin Pumpers UK
> Subject: [IPk] Disetronic D-Tron problems
> Has anybody else had problems contacting Disetronic? This weekend when my
> pump went wrong with an E7 error, I couldn't contact them on the normal
> office number or on the Emergency contact number. Although in the
> end a new
> pump found its way to me I never actually spoke to anybody from Disetronic
> during the entire process and still haven't. Although to be fair to them I
> was on Dartmoor so reception was bad but the emergency contact
> number still
> should have worked.
> Duncan
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