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Re: [IPk] Other doctors ( well some of them) - I give up...


> Just have to share this one..
> Guy in his 40s who has had DM for some years and works on a farm was told by
> diabetes consultant that his problems with poor control would be helped by
> avoiding " inappropriate activity". This was within the last few years
> So
> " You are a Diabetic. You will have to learn to sit still and be quiet* You
> must stop all this inappropriate activity"
> (* and not ask for expensive treatment like glargine or pumps or an adequate
> supply of strips or proper advice on how to manage your condition)
> If it wasn't so hilarious it would be tragic ( or should that be the other 
> way
> round?)
Ooh, grrr!!!
I so agree with you!  But you know as well as I that it's impossible for any 
doctor to know medicine thoroughly nowadays, and when there are 
sub-sub-sub-specialities the GP, the endocrinologist, even the diabetologist, 
can only be a generalist. I think that the problem is that many doctors don't 
recognise a) their limitations and b) that many patients know more about 
their conditions than their doctors - IDDM and pumping in this case.  Many 
pumpers are very experienced in and knowledgeable about the various modes of 
control as well as the complexities of pumping, and it's my opinion that many 
people on this list would come under "expert patient" designation.

This is from a senior doc, by the way, who does her best both to listen and 
Is it worth taking this further (Dept of Health, etc.)?  

IDDM 30+, 508 23m
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