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Re: [IPk] holidays

In a message dated 10/1/2002 8:36:55 AM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Hi all,

> Insulin does not freeze

Oh yes it does! :)  (just wrecks its activity afterwards, yes I know that's 
what you meant, Pat)

Have just returned from a couple of weeks abroad, and found a problem with 
set and dressing adhesives - kept peeling off.  (I've been getting a bit 
complacent recently, I admit; I had a sharp lesson in how quickly 
ketoacidosis can develop, and why pumpers should carry injectable insulin, 
when the set unpeeled during a hot day trip when I'd no other source of 
insulin with me.)  Previously I tried a tip posted here, to use "Polyskin" 
dressing under the site, and this had worked fine in hot (30-40+C) climes. I 
ordered more dressings from Medtronic last month for this trip, but they did 
not seem to work very well although they look like the old Polyskins.  I also 
had quite a nasty allergic reaction, which I'd not had before with Polyskins, 
and which might of course have been part of the problem - I wonder if the 
formulation has changed over the last year?

Any thoughts / tips?  Hannah?


IDDM 30+, 508 2nd anniversary next month, likes holidays too (especially hot 
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