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RE: [IPk] Low blood sugars during exercise

 Hi everyone

This is a subject that I can contribute on as last Sunday I
completed my first half marathon!  I find that since going on
the pump my blood sugars stay pretty stable when I exercise
but before the pump they would almost always rise.  I aim to
start with a blood sugar around 7 and never as high as 10 (or
it will go up in the high teens).  My point I guess is that
everyone is different.  Somepeople's blood sugars will fall
during exercise and sme won't.  I know it has been discussed
a lot on this site before and I know that the fitter you get
the more likley they are to fall but this has yet to really
happen to me.

Anyway during the half marathon I started with a blood sugar
of 7, after 3.5 miles it was 15 (the curse of Adrenalin I
guess!).  I had a bolus to correct and at 9 miles it was 5.2
and at the finish (13 miles) it was 4.8.  My colleague who
ran with me and who is on MDI had a horrendous battle to keep
his blood sugars in the normal range.  He started with a
blood sugar of 10 and despite numerous wine gums and sachets
of that disgusting glucose paste he barely got his blood
sugars above 4 for the entire run.  I can't help feeling that
if he had had a pump he could have disconnected it for half
the race and managed much better.  Long acting insulin can
really be a pain in an endurance run like that. 

I finished feeling fine (I think I probably had another 5
miles left me) and hope to have raised around #1500 for the
NSPCC and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Beverley Smith
Principal Development Geologist
SNS Team Leader

Phone: 0118  929 2422
Fax: 0118 929 2660
E-mail: email @ redacted


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