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RE: [IPk] Sasha's gym class and insulin

Hi Di

You're back quick from the US!

I think I will try the same meal and less insulin, she eats about an hour
before gym and if that doesn't work I will split the meal and insulin like
you said.  I will let you know what happens.


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> Hi Jackie
> The problem with doing sport after a meal is that the insulin you
> give for
> the meal tends to have much more of an effect, and so the chances
> of hypo are
> much stronger. Even with a pump, I try not to have insulin (other than my
> normal basal) in my body when I exercise, as it tends to drop me very low.
> So one solution would be to decrease the amount of insulin for
> the evening
> meal, and if necessary give some extra insulin afterwards when
> she gets home
> (but try without the extra first and see what happens, as she may
> not need
> it).
> The other solution (which I personally think is better) would be
> to split her
> evening meal in two. Give her half (with no or very little
> insulin) before
> the class, and then the rest when she gets home. If you prepared it in
> advance then she could eat it at 8 and it would probably be OK.
> My dance class is 8-10pm normally, which means that again, it's
> quite late
> when I get home to eat (often not till 11pm or sometimes later).
> But I hate
> eating much before I dance, and it's always much harder to
> control my BG if
> I've got that corresponding insulin in me. So I tend to have half my meal
> before I go and half when I get home. That way there's not too
> much in the
> way of carb and insulin in me when I go to bed either (which can
> be another
> problem).
> Di
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