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[IPk] Sasha's gym class and insulin

Hi Jackie
The problem with doing sport after a meal is that the insulin you give for 
the meal tends to have much more of an effect, and so the chances of hypo are 
much stronger. Even with a pump, I try not to have insulin (other than my 
normal basal) in my body when I exercise, as it tends to drop me very low.
So one solution would be to decrease the amount of insulin for the evening 
meal, and if necessary give some extra insulin afterwards when she gets home 
(but try without the extra first and see what happens, as she may not need 
The other solution (which I personally think is better) would be to split her 
evening meal in two. Give her half (with no or very little insulin) before 
the class, and then the rest when she gets home. If you prepared it in 
advance then she could eat it at 8 and it would probably be OK. 

My dance class is 8-10pm normally, which means that again, it's quite late 
when I get home to eat (often not till 11pm or sometimes later). But I hate 
eating much before I dance, and it's always much harder to control my BG if 
I've got that corresponding insulin in me. So I tend to have half my meal 
before I go and half when I get home. That way there's not too much in the 
way of carb and insulin in me when I go to bed either (which can be another 


                 Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 20:27:12 +0100
                 From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
                 Subject: [IPk] Low blood sugars during exercise


                 I wonder if anyone could make some suggestions that might  
help in this
                 situation.  My daughter 8 years goes to a gymnastics club on 
a Friday 
                 her age group goes at 6.30 to 7.30 pm so she eats her 
evening meal 
                 before we
                 go at about  5.30 pm  as it's too late by the time we get 
back to have 
                 evening meal.  We give her the normal amount of insulin to 
cover the 
                 ( usually 3 units of Novorapid)  and a chocolate bar about 
half an hour
                 before we go.  The last three times she has gone quite low 
during Gym 
                 mmols and had to stop and have glucose tabs etc.  I am not 
sure what to 
                 It's going to be so late by the time she comes home from Gym 
to cook 
                 and eat
                 the evening meal as we don't get back home until 8pm.  I am 
                 if I give her less insulin with her meal whether she will go 
                 Any Ideas??? about handling this situation.  Like giving 
less insulin 
                 the evening meal then giving another unit with her evening 
snack when 
                 get home? Or giving Actrapid instead of Novorapid.  We 
haven't come 
                 this situation before as most of the sports things were much 
                 and she
                 always ate  and took the insulin afterwards.

                 Sasha is not a pumper.

                 Insulatard x2
                 Novorapid x 2
                 Jackie Jacombs

                 email @ redacted
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