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Re: [IPk] hospitals, sliding scales etc

In my reply to the question re DKA and treatment of I was merely speculating 
why IV insulin was administered . The person concerned had previously stated 
that she was barely able to check her blood glucose and too poorly to 
administer stat subcut insulin .With a BG of >33mols/litre and in the state 
of having to be admitted then I would assume she was ketoacidotic and needed 
resuscitating. I was only surmising as to why they did not start pump 
therapy again yes I can see the anti medic point iof view but surely they 
(and YOU!) can be defended too.I did not mean to start this doctor god thing 
it seems to have all got out of hand. I would like to emphasise that I WAS 
only talking about a severe DKA state and not the normal run of things.
 >33>From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] hospitals, sliding scales etc
>Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 20:17:13 -0000
>I think that in the absence of loss of consciousness( including due to
>anaesthaesia), cognitive impairment or severe illness resulting in DKA, it
>is totally unacceptable for anyone with DM to not be allowed total 
>if they are well motivated and usually run their diabetes successfully. If
>hospitalisation is not a direct result of diabetes ( ie DKA, whether due to
>self neglect or severe infection or other circumstances) then surely 
>staff, who do not have to suffer the consequences of hypo or hyperglcaemia,
>should not be allowed to sabotage  a person's well being by forcing them
>off a pump and back on to injections, especially if they had a dreadful 
>on the latter.
>If someone was to experience a severe hypo in hospital and this did not
>happen at home, due to hospitals meddling with that persons condition, 
>this result inproblems with the DVLA for that person?
>I'm not sure that anyone could legally refuse to allow someone to continue
>on the pump. If it resulted in wrestling with someone to get the pum,p off
>them and forcing them to have an injection (physically) and the person was
>not mentally compromised this would surely constitute assault.
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