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Re: [IPk] Glycaemic index ( previously Desert Foods)

I must make an exception to what has recently been said about eating foods 
with a low glycaemic index (fast carbohydrate absorbing foods). For me, I can 
keep excellent blood sugar control by eating foods with a high glycaemic 
index. The fast CHO absorbing foods tend to give me high postprandial (after 
meals) blood sugars. If I try to prevent these postprandial highs by taking 
extra insulin at meal time, I find myself at risk of going hypo later in the 
day. I use humolog but its action lasts longer than the fast carbohydrate 
absorbing foods.

I am sorry but I strongly disagree with the suggestion that low glycaemic 
index foods are of more use for people with type 2, or for people with either 
type 1 or 2 who do not use the very fast insulins. I think that all people, 
with or without diabetes, can benefit by eating high glycaemic index foods.

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