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Re: [IPk] Desert Foods

> I have just watched a program o National Geographic regarding the
> desert
> foods eaten by native amercan Indians and the lack of diaetes in
> their
> culture. Desert foods contain mucous like fibrous substances which
> are
> used by the plants to retain moisture. When eaten they mix with
> content
> s of the meal and stop the sugars being absorbed quickly slowing
> aborption down to 4-6 hours. I then found this site
> http://www.nativeseeds.org/diabetes.html which explains it in more
> detail and sells the products.
> I am thinking taking some of these food stuffs with a meal will give
> a
> dramatically better Gly.... (whatever the term is) index rating
> therefore being better for keeping constant BG's.
> Any comments welcome. 
A curiousity which is probably related to this - when we visited a
nature centre at the Ramon Crater in the desert here a couple of years
ago, one exhibit which interested me was a type of desert animal, which
looked rather like a sort of golden hamster (and of course I have
forgotten its name) and they found that if it was taken out of its
natural habitat and given conventional captive rodent diet instead of
its usual plants, it very quickly developes type 2 diabetes.

On a human type 1 level, I agree with John's comment about this, in
that I prefer eating foods with predictable and generally fast
absorption of carbohydrates, and find it less easy to keep blood sugars
low and predictable with foods which are absorbed slowly.  I think low
glycaemic index foods are of more use for people with type 2, or for
people with either type 1 or 2 who do not use the very fast insulins
(i.e. Humolog or Novo... - what exactly is it called?).

Nanette (who has been feeling somewhat ill since last Thursday, and
very annoyed that this bug has put an end to 3 weeks where I thought I
had finally got a handle on some of the problems and had easily the
best blood sugar control I have had since starting DM 4 years ago)

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