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RE: [IPk] Desert Foods

>I have just watched a program o National Geographic regarding the desert
>foods eaten by native amercan Indians and the lack of diaetes in their

?!?!? I heard that diabetes (Type 2 I think) is currently rampant in native
Americans. I guess they aren't eating enough mucous any more...

>I am thinking taking some of these food stuffs with a meal will give a
>dramatically better Gly.... (whatever the term is) index rating
>therefore being better for keeping constant BG's.

I remain sceptical about the role of the glycemic index in intensively
controlled Type 1 diabetes. If it works for you - great. I believe it is
very useful in Type 2 diabetes, where you may want to reduce the peak of
carbohydrate absorbtion after a meal. It may also be good in Type 1
diabetes where you are taking relatively slow insulins - perhaps twice
daily injections. But for me, I want my food to have a predictable
absorbtion that roughly matches my insulin - which is Humalog. For that
reason, I would find a 4-6 absorbtion period fairly difficult to predict.

I'm still off wheat, by the way, and things are still going very well. My
clinic took blood samples the other day to test for food allergies, but
I've not heard anything yet.


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