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Re: [IPk] Medical Conservatism (was medical ignorance)

Julian wrote: It's interesting how "Dr" can be very good for a job 
application - or very bad for a "non-academic" job application ("head in the 
clouds" prejudices and all that).

Di responded: it can be useful for a lot of non-academic things - in fact, 
it's probably far more useful outside academia :-)

Melissa chimes in: I think it depends on your area of expertise.  I know a 
lot of humanities PhDs who can't get jobs editing small-town newspapers 
because they're seen as "too academic" to be worth hiring.  On the other 
hand, a science PhD can get a lucrative job in r&d for a major 
private-sector company.  Humanities PhDs ought to be paid well, but their 
expertise will not generate the profits for any company that PhDs in the 
sciences will eventually bring in, so they're often dismissed when they try 
to practice their crafts outside academia.  The investment made by the 
employer in paying the humanities PhD's salary will not be returned fourfold 
in real profit from the sale of the thing he/she is hired to create.

Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

IDDM 7+ years; MiniMed pumper 5+ years; in the ivory tower 6+ years

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