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RE: [IPk] Clocks back...

>Sorry to come in on this conversation late on but, every day of the year
>the sunrise sunset changes by 2 minutes or there abouts. So in effect
>you are only making a 30 day jump in one go. Also if the body works to
>sunrise sunset what does it do on a really cloudy day when it will get
>dark quicker also.

The maths for working out sunrise and sunset is fairly simple - even my
Psion 3a will give me today's sunrise and sunset in 500 cities.

How it affects your body's hormonal cycles is of course much more complex,
since it's in competition with when you normally wake up and go to sleep.
And - please don't laugh! - phases of the moon affect us as well. And don't
worry - the body also has it's own memory, so on a cloudy day it can
"remember" when sunset is expected. It also knows that for much of the year
things advance or retard by a few minutes. That's evolution for you. (Did
you know research has recently been published showing how sunlight affects
stockmarket prices? - but sadly there's no money to be made there since the
knowledge will already be driving stock prices!)

I guess the best way for us to cope with how the amount and the timing of
day light hours affects our basal rates is to test them once a month.
That's what the rulebook says in any case doesn't it? Or should we do it
every 5 weeks so it's not every full moon...?


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