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Re: [IPk] Clocks back...

On Monday 29 October 2001 12:53, you wrote:
> The easiest way is to get minimed and disetronic to change the
> firmware/software to allow for daylight saving (very easy to do and they
> could also give the option of allowing for lengthening/shortening of
> daylight hours. I would suggest doing this by taking the 1st and 4th
> quartile averages for basal rates at the time they were set. Then work
> out then on a monthly basis if the pump will only allow basal rate
> periods of 1 Hour (2min extra/less daylight per day x 30 days = 1Hour)
> and then add the average at the end of each month. Do the opposite for
> reducing nighttime basal (or the opposite for both is the days are
> getting shorter). Now it is getting complex.
> Miles

You know what would be better? To have the facility to write your own 
software module and be able to plug it in to the pump software 
Then you could write your own programs for this kind of thing, tailored to 
fit your needs.
(I work on a language engineering project which does exactly this - provides 
a framework for you to plug in your own language processing modules).
Of course, there would be all kinds of liability issues when something went 
wrong because there was a bug in your program.....
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