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Re: [IPk] Clocks back...

> So I think if the clocks go back then basal rates should not be altered
> as the amount of daylight is still the same but you should change the
> clock on your pump to compensate. This change should be made last thing
> at night when the bodies metabolim is in slow down so you will see the
> smallest change in BG's.
> Does that make any sense to anyone else????
> Miles

yes, this is what I was trying to say, but you expressed it much better!
By this reasoning, you should alter your basals between summer and winter to 
allow for the light differences (same for going to the equator) if this is 
something that affects you. Going to the equator is easy because it's a big 
jump in light difference. But how do you do it when you're staying in the 
same country, since the change is such a gradual one?
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