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Re: [IPk] Clocks back...

On Monday 29 October 2001 10:57, you wrote:
> >Well I think it's like travelling across time zones. For a few days your
> > body is still on the old time, but gradually it starts to catch up, and
> > within about a week (for me, anyway) it's accustomed to the new time.
> Except that when you go to America for 2 weeks, sunset and sunrise go with
> you. When the clocks go back, sunrise and sunset stay put. So I would
> suggest it is entirely unlike travelling across time zones :-)
> If you believe that your hormonal body clock is partially governed by
> daylight (which I do) then putting the clocks back represents a fairly
> major challenge to the system...
> John

Well, I still think it's more a case of your body adjusting to the new time. 
And actually, time zone travel is relevant. If you go to the Equator, you'll 
get 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, whatever time of year you 

Sunrise and sunset actually change by a lot more than an hour between winter 
and summer. I think there's about 7 hours of  difference in light between the 
longest day and the shortest day. I doubt if you need to make adjustments 
that reflect that change in its entirety, yet it is a massive one in terms of 
daylight.  I tend to adjust my basals to deal with different dawn syndrome 
patterns between summer and winter, but not to the extent of 7 hours' 
difference. So on the scale of things, a sinlge hour's difference isn't that 
But who am I to say you don't need to change your basals to take Daylight 
Saving into account? If you think you do, then far be it from me to stop you!

Hmm, do you think I can get funding for a research project to look at what 
happens to my basal needs when I go to the Equator for 6 months and then 
Antarctica for 6 months?
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