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[IPk] Clocks back...

Twice a year I ponder this, and twice a year I reach no conclusion...

Just because the government decrees that I put back the time on my watch,
does that have any effect on my own biological body clock? ie if I needed a
higher basal rate from 6am to 8am on the old time, when I put the clock
back on my pump, should I leave it at 6am to 8am on the new time, or change
the basal rate increase from 5am to 7am?

Or after a few days of going to bed an hour later and getting up an hour
later, will my body clock drift back an hour as well, so I shouldn't worry
about changing the times for my basal rates?

I think in practice my basal rates are fairly constant through the night
and day, so any changes don't really show. But if anyone has any further
insight, I'd love hear it :-)


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