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Re: [IPk] Sliding scale vs. pumps

> >I don't understand why they took me off my pump and put me on a sliding
> scale for insulin, when the pump was more than capable of delivering the
> required doses of insulin (6 units/hour initially).
> You might have to ask them, Liz. It could be they did it because they're
> more familiar with the drip and they'd be in more control. Any medical
> opinions?

I don't work in hospital, but it does sound funny. Certainly it makes sense
for the ward staff to revert to the delivery method that is familiar to
them, in some ways they are responsible for the success or not of the
method, and they would be worried, even if you were well enough to control
everything at the start, that maybe you might not be so well later, or
during the night.

What surprises me is that they chose to give insulin IV. This is done when
someone is very hyper, and I'm not sure why you were in hospital. Other than
in that emergency situation, there's no benefit in giving insulin iv, we all
know how fast it works subcutaneously. If you were in hospital for something
besides diabetes, and were not on a diabetes ward, I'd blame inexperience.
It is frightening how little many hospital staff know about diabetes, say on
surgical units and the like.

One word of advice for anyone going to hospital. Even though we may have to
give in and let others dictate our delivery method in hospital, we can
remain in partial control of the situation, by INSISTING that we are told
every b.g. result and allowed to record it or view the staff's record, and
we have some input into every insulin dose given or at least are told what
the dose is, and have a chance to review the sliding scale daily with the
responsible doctor.

In my view, handing over completely means being blinded to something we are
all familiar with, and that is frightening, unacceptable, and completely
unnecessary. What do you think?

Tony O'Sullivan
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