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RE: [IPk] Mimi L. Fleming <email @ redacted>

Hi Mimi,

I have been a diabetic for 40 years and have been on the pump for the last
18 months.
I am a Scuba Diver.
I trained with B.S.A.C. (Britiah Sub Aqua Club)
The training is VERY good and you have to have a special medical form signed
by your diabetic consultant saying that your diabetes is under control  This
is so that you will not endanger your buddie or any other scuba diver.  Your
buddy will have to have knowledge regarding diabetes and hypos etc. It is
very time-consuming but you know that after all the hassle there will be no
problems whilst diving.
I dive every weekend and do blood sugars before leaving the house and again
before getting on the boat and again before diving.  I make sure my blood
sugars are high enough for any extra exercise I might have to endure whilst
on the dive (e.g. finning against strong currents etc.).
You should get in touch with your nearest BSAC Club and go along to their
social evening. (BSAC is a club which has all the members going to meetings
and social evenings to discuss their training and organising dive venues).
The teaching is done through the club so friends are made and your diving
buddies will know all about you !!!
I am a BSAC Advanced Diver and love diving.  I found that the PADI courses
do not allow diabetics to enrol and dive. (PADI divers do not require a
I have to have a diving medical each year but my colleagues only require one
every 3 or 5 years (depending on age).  BSAC have now agreed for their
members to sign a declaration so that they do not now need a medical
although I still have to have one.  I do not mind as it means that I can
still dive and feel secure that neither myself or my buddies are in any danger.
Having a pump is the ideal way to dive as you can disconnect the pump before
diving and then do a blood sugar after getting back on the boat.  I usually
bolus on the way back to shore.

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