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RE: [IPk] Sliding scale vs. pumps

>Would someone clarify what "sliding scale" means.

Thanks for having the courage to ask :-)

I just did a google on "insulin sliding scale" and found this:


(Beware! This is a US site, using US bg units. Divide by 18 to get UK units)

Essentially it is the pretentious medical name for estimating out how far
so much rapid acting insulin will lower your blood glucose level. It's just
a ratio. Mostly used when you are actively managing your bg level. Also
known as insulin sensitivity factor. Mine is 2.5 mmol/L per unit.

I say estimate, as I believe it is not that accurate. It's all a best
guess. Many believe that the higher your bg, the less sensitive you become
to insulin - so you need more insulin to reduce your bg from 16 to 12 than
you would need to go from 10 to 6. Why this is so is almost unanswerable.
Is your body not absorbing very well today? (You inject 4 units, but only 3
make it to the blood stream. The other unit is carted off by the immune
system) Is that why your bg is high in the first place? Is it absorbing
very slowly today? (So the insulin will hit you in 6 hours, rather than 1)
Are you going down with a cold so you need more insulin in any case? (And
so the ratio you use may be inappropriate today in any case) Is your
digestion going slowly today? (So at 7pm your lunch carbohydrate is only
just hitting you). The list of reasons is endless. The important thing is
not to take too much! And be patient.


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