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Re: [IPk] Square Wave Bolus

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On Wednesday 24 October 2001 13:34, you wrote:
> I'm really puzzled that everyone is either cancelling their square waves or
> using their remotes to bolus during a square wave. I bolus all the time
> with the buttons on my pump. If you have a square wave running, you just
> press 'Sel' and then 'Act' and it displays three flashing lines, which
> means input the amount of insulin. It doesn't go to the 'normal' screen
> because normal is the only bolus you can use while a square wave is
> working. All of you, go out, have a slow acting meal and then a massive
> dessert and try it! All in the name of science, of course :-)
Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth!
I just thought it wasn't possible, because I didn't get the normal 
screen....I shall have to try it!
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