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[IPk] Sliding scale vs. pumps


I'm looking for a bit of information after my recent stay in hospital.

I don't understand why they took me off my pump and put me on a sliding
scale for insulin, when the pump was more than capable of delivering the
required doses of insulin (6 units/hour initially).

They said that the insulin was better for me intravenously, despite the
struggle they had getting a cannula into me as my veins are poor and were
collapsing at each attempt.  The need for IV fluids I can understand as I
believe the gut shuts down in DKA and therefore any fluids I took by mouth
were just coming straight back.

While on the sliding scale they stabilised my sugars at about 8, but it was
not until they let me back on the pump that I was able to tighten my control
up to where I wanted it (4-5mmol)

Does anyone have a medical explanation for this or has had experience of the
same, that could shed some light?


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