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Re: [IPk] Square Wave Bolus

> What foods do people use square wave boluses for how do they decide
> what the split should be?

Usually it is foods with very high fat/protein combos
> I am about to try experimenting and wondered if anyone had any
THE KEY IS ______^^^^^^^^^^^

I don't think one size fits all works very well for the foods you ask 
about. Particularly when the digestion rate varies naturally with 
people of different sizes and degrees of gastro complications.

A general rule of thumb might be to spread your bolus to end a couple 
of hours before the HIGH you notice from eating a particular food. 
i.e. for pizza which makes my daughter high up to 5 hours later, she 
will set a temp basal rate for 3 hours..... she preferrs a temp basal 
rate to a square wave because it can easily be interrupted and 
restarted or an additional bolus (grazer you see :-) can be delivered 
without messing with the pump settings.


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