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Re: [IPk] Square Wave Bolus

On Tuesday 23 October 2001 17:44, you wrote:
> OOOooo, Miles, you get a free sneak preview of tonight's chat. I won't give
> away specific details. Here's something I do use a square wave for: ryvita.
> Yes, indeed. Six ryvita (33.6g CHO and 5.4g PRO) + normal bolus =
> disastrous lows within 2 hours and disastrous highs after four hours. So I
> have about 1 unit when I eat them and square wave about 1.5 over the next
> _three_ hours (the actual amount of insulin will vary between individuals).
> elizabeth

but just to confuse you, I find ryvita and a normal bolus of Humalog work 
very well together.
I use square wave for high fat meals, e.g. Chinese, and for very low GI foods 
such as lentils and chana dal.  I do half the bolus at the time of eating, 
and the other half spread over the next 2-3 hours.
The annoying thing about doing a square wave bolus is that if you set it and 
then e.g. decide to have some pudding, you can't bolus again until the square 
wave has finished. So you have to cancel the square wave and then bolus for 
the pudding and ten reset the remaining half of the square wave again.
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