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RE: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

Hurrah Tony! I, of course, am ready to do any amount of volunteering.

You say that people may be interested in activities outside of their clinic.
However, a lot of the things I find people don't know are things that their
diabetes team (sic?) should be educating them about. I would like to see
clinics introduce yearly diabetes updates for clients. These would actually
be general information meetings (don't put your insulin the plane hold,
etc),and the invitations would go out on the same letterhead as the
appointments. Why? Because the people I know who have an information-deficit
do actually attend their clinics, but they wouldn't bother with
'extracuricular'diabetes activities.

My partner has decided that she also wants to become a diabetes educator,
because she's always shocked that so many diabetics don't have even the
basic information that she has. Of course, it's unfortunate that there isn't
a lay educator role available, complete with training. That would also be
something I'd like to see happen.

Finally, to my long list of things I'm going to do in the next year, I have
added a hand out for people who have friends who have diabetes. It will be a
single sheet with a title such as 'So you know someone with diabetes'. It's
targetted at people like our friends who the other night had to deal with
someone's hypo and then organise her transport, etc. So far I'm going to
include brief instructions such as what foods are best to give for low, when
to ring for medical assistance. When people talk about the experience they
had and what they did or didn't know to do, etc., we can offer them this
info sheet, complete with a free pack of glucose tabs. There would also be a
space for writing emergency contact numbers, such as parents, people who
will drive the diabetic home, etc. Something like this would be useful for
relatives and the office health and safety officer. My partner's sister
worked with a diabetic who passed out one morning. They rang his family and
they said, oh, he has something he injects himself with. And that was it!

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