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Re: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

I have sought
> individual submissions through Identity, but received....none! I'm
> incorporating reports from a number of studies relating to patients'
> experiences of their care, and views obtained at a recent weekend meeting
> branch leaders. It's not enough input from people with diabetes, but it's
> better than nothing. Our report is otherwise the invention of

Hi Tony,

     I'm sorry to hear that you had no response, I can probably understand

A)     I feel utterly uninvolved with any aspect apart from this group, over
the years I have offered to help with my local diabetic clinic at my
hospital, regarding design, printing (as I am pretty nifty at this, charts
etc) and advice on a voluntary basis, even if someone wanted a chat or to
inform of where they can obtain information, what did I get *zilch*.

B)     I have been on my pump two years on 7-1-02 I have not had one follow
up to see how i am getting on, as far as i know I'm the only one on it at my

C)     The local GP I mentioned in a previous mail also attends the same
hopital as me he has a regular appointment to see my consultant every six
I however last week got another cancelation until May 2002 next year this is
the third cancelled appointment, it means that I will then have gone 18
months without an HB1ac or hospital consaltation, I wonder why my local GP
dosn't have his appointments cancelled.
I have several severe complictions and am still awaiting to see specialists
regarding these but my consultant forgets the follow-ups to these, in fact
my consultant e-mail me asking if he had followed up the complications, I
thought how the hell do I know?

D)     When I had no written joy I called in and was told if I had a problem
I could always call in or e-mail him, great idea lets not see the patients
at all we can do e-mail diagnosis.

     Don't think I'm having a go at you Tony I'm not, I feel that at present
I am compus mentus, what happens when I'm older and I can't get about, or
use a computer will I be left to suffer and left on a trolley to die as did
a patient recently at my hospital.
     Ten years ago I couldn't knock the health service at all, even up until
5 maybe but now its bordering a third world service. I can see patients all
over the country not wanting to participate as they either don't know, or
they have little knowledge on how to answer,
I feel we are all going to end up in casulty, a casulty of our own health

Well I've had my moan (sorry)

Regards Dave
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