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Re: [IPk] Di's Food problem

It's not really surprising that so many people with diabetes have
> eating" (psychological problems with food, essentially). For years you
> to avoid responding to your appetite and you end up being forced to eat
> you don't want to and being forced not to eat when you do. Even though
> generally considered a good thing to eat regular meals, it's not always
> psychologically the best thing. Having to be so strict with food means
> it can easily turn obsessive - which is the start of the slippery slope
> towards a whole host of eating problems.  I spent many years as a teenager
> and beyond  teetering on the edge of this slippery slope, and it's only
> being on the pump that I've felt (more or less) in control of food again.

Hi Diana,
     I can really relate to what you said, I have had various problems over
the years with eating, even now its not brilliant, as you say you try and
eat healthy etc, I find I very often don't eat until late afternoon because
I don't seem to get much of an appetite these days and because of neuropathy
and I think some psychological problems with food, I am often left feeling
extremly bloated and often nauseaus after eating even a small meal.
    Its funny in the group you and other people have mentioned friends etc
and attitudes and behaviour to their Diabetes,
well we do our best don't we ? I am convinced that people are not given the
correct infomation by hospital or their GP's regarding care and treatment of
     I'm not saying this happens in all cases, the thing I am getting to is
that my local GP is type 2 and is on 1 metformin a day, we were talking the
other day and I mentioned that i liked a sweet coffee now and then, you know
real sugar and not sweetners, he was horrified when I told him I use real
sugar, I asked why not and he said "you're a diabetic you musn't have sugar"
he then went on to try and advise me to have sugar free food like biscuits
     I thought hold on is this 1975 again? isn't one of the good things
about the pump that it gives you more freedom but alas he wouldn't have it
that i could eat *normal* food like everyone else.
     Funny thought, in 1985 my local GP then sat there one day and said
"could you cut down on what you eat so you would not need so much insulin ?"
as I had rather large insulin perscriptions. Needless to say I changed
doctors and made a complaint.
     So I feel that we are not often getting the advice we should, perhaps
hospitals and GP surgeries should have advisory groups run by diabetics to
help with their lack of knowledge to the everyday running of things.

Best Regards

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