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[IPk] Started my pump trial!


I've been lurking on this list now for a few weeks, so I thought now would 
be a good time to get involved and share my pump experiences so far.  I 
started my trial of the Disetronic D-Tron last Thursday.  Two days very 
extensive training provided by the company's representative left me feeling 
very confident in the use of the pump and pump therapy generally.

My main motivations for switching to the pump were (in order of priority):
1)Feeling absolutely lousy all the time - despite reasonable HBA1C at 6.8
2)Needed much more flexibility to delay, and even miss meals due to work 
3)Felt that Diabetes was managing me - rather than the other way round
4)Needed more flexibility to respond to unexpected exercise levels, stress etc.

Well - we're on day 5 now, and here are my reactions so far.  The 
Disetronic is nowhere near as large as I thought it would be.  I do not 
mind carrying it around at all.  During the day I keep it in a pocket, and 
at night just lie it in the bed.  I was amazed at the strength of the 
Infusion sets (both the adhesive and the tube itself).  I 'm on my 3rd 
Rapid set now, and unfortunately have found each insertion quite painful so 
far.  Any tips on minimising pain would be appreciated!  I've had a couple 
of days early morning fasting now, to check my BM in consultation with the 
Disetronic rep.  I am amazed at how stable my BM has stayed with the "out 
of the box" basal rate profile!  Still having some problems matching Bolus 
injections to meal sizes - but this is to be expected in the early days I 
guess.  Don't have any wonderful overnight feeling of energy returning, but 
I do feel a bit more with it during the day.  Don't know if this is a 
genuine physiological reaction or just psychological - but who cares :-)

I'm very pleased so far, and I'm almost certainly going to stick with it at 
the end of the month's trial.  I am funding the pump myself, but am going 
to start down that tortuous route of LHA funding.  That's one bit I'm *not* 
looking forward to.



Nick Klee
email @ redacted
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