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Re: [IPk] Humalog by pump. Official?

Hi John and the group,

> Not sure I agree with switching off your insulin if you have a hypo...
> a nice idea, but in me in would take at least 30 minutes to see my bg
> to rise, and that is when I would need the insulin most to stop a rebound.
> Hmmm. Anyone else had this advice?

     I often switch off my pump during a hypo, in fact when I had my
training all those moons ago, Disetronic advise turning off if your BG's
drop below 4.0, I find that I can get through a hypo without having to stuff
my face with sickly sweet things (as I am more a savoury person) anyway I
think any hypo bad or not is one of the things we would love to avoid, and i
do start to feel rough 6.0 or under but if i turn off the pump and sit or
lay still for half an hour or so, i find I can normally get through and not
have any rebounds after.
     You don't get the rotten kicked in the head and stomach feeling as
well, obviously it dosn't always work so I have to resort to my tropical
lucozade or a nice very sweet coffee, which is my favourite vice, I don't
recomend turning the pump off to everyone but yes it  works for me

Regards Dave.
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