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Re: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

What a timely mail, Elizabeth. I'm reading this while taking a break from
writing the patient responses chapter for the new Diabetes Service
Development Group report, a sort of NSF for Ireland. I have sought
individual submissions through Identity, but received....none! I'm
incorporating reports from a number of studies relating to patients'
experiences of their care, and views obtained at a recent weekend meeting of
branch leaders. It's not enough input from people with diabetes, but it's
better than nothing. Our report is otherwise the invention of professionals.

Most of the submissions relate to older people, and those with type 2.
Perhaps you, and other users in Ireland, have comments that you would like
added to the report, I'll be happy to receive them by e-mail, either through
the list, or directly at email @ redacted . Feel free to do this even if
you live North of the border, as I am participating in the same exercise for
Northern Ireland, although of course the natural home for such material
there is Kate Fleck of DiabetesUK NI,  email @ redacted

Elizabeth, you might be happy to learn that I'm designing a patient-held
record which involves us in more than a quarterly telling off about our
results, I'd be happy to give you a copy to try out, it's in a late draft
form at this stage. Finally, the DFI is changing format this November, and
soon afterwards I'm hoping to organise some diabetes education weekends
using the expertise of a local Registrar, our own diabetes nurse Anna
Clarke, myself, and possibly other 'expert patients'. I don't even have to
ask whether you'd be interested, do I? The difficulty of course is not
designing these resources, but making them attractive to people who for many
reasons are not getting to grips with their diabetes at the time. I believe
offering something from our own community, detached from the clinics, might
be an attractive alternative to some.

Sorry to other readers in the UK, you do have the NSF to look forward to,
but this has frustratingly been put on hold for another year. At least the
expected standards under which you will be offered diabetes care will be
published later this year. Keep up the pressure on your local politicians to
ensure the whole document receives priority for implementation in 2002/3.

Look forward to hearing from you

Tony O'Sullivan

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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 11:11 AM
Subject: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

> WE were visiting friends last night, and another friend of theirs called
> well. Apparently, about a half hour after we left she started acting very
> strangely and had a very low blood sugar (which is very interesting,
> when she arrived she had a glass of coke to drink, and it wasn't diet). So
> they fed her cakes and sweets and everything else, and whether because of
> the low or because of the rebound or because of something else, she
> drive home. So they had to ring someone who had to drive across the city
> collect her and take her home. Apparently this is quite a common occurence
> with this woman.
> So it seems the only well-controlled diabetic my partner's friends and
> colleagues have ever met is me. My partner works with two type I
> one of whom didn't know you needed to eat more/take less insulin when
> drinking lots, has hypoglycaemic comas a few times a year, the other of
> has often been found wandering around the basement file room not knowing
> where she was or who she was. They are both known as people who don't take
> care of themselves - don't test regularly, etc.
> It's very difficult to know what to do or where to begin. There does seem
> be a huge lack of diabetes education in Ireland. If people haven't been
> educated to manage, they won't be able to manage - very few people
> do think they can educate themselves, or realise that it doesn't have to
> the way it is. It's difficult to know what to do, and I'm fishing for
> suggestions, I think! I have thought of one: we're going to have the
> friends organise a dinner with us and this woman, and I'm going to be
> conspicious with my meter and my pump and thereby (I hope) get a
> conversation about diabetes management going. Opinions welcome!
> elizabeth
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