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RE: [IPk] Mimi L. Fleming <email @ redacted>

> Michael might answer you, Julian, because his daughter scuba dives
> and, being the IP godfather, he gets all the mails despite being in
> California. Stay tuned...
There was nothing special about Lily's training -- the same as 
everyone elses. The problem is really that SCUBA is contraindicated 
for people with diabetes as is flying airplanes, driving trucks and 
buses, etc....

It is an issue of how good your control is. You definetly would not 
want to go low while under water. There are special precautions we 
take when diving -- i.e. briefing the dive master and other divers 
about potential problems for Lily, carrying glucose gel in her vest, 
my vest, other dive buddy vests, etc.... NEVER operating without a 
buddy. BG control has not been a problem. Lily tends to run high when 
she dives and we are working on how much extra insulin to bolus -- 
This is a little tricky cause too much would definetly be a bummer. 
As long as her bg's stay below 150, all is well. When she gets higher 
than that she chills rapidly and does not enjoy the dive nearly as 
much. This is true in warm waters (Hawaii) as well as waters off 
Calif where she wears a heavy wet suit + extra layer top.

A doctors clearance and a liability waiver was require by the 
training organization. If you have more questions, ask away :-)

email @ redacted
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