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turning off pump for hypo was: RE: [IPk] Humalog by pump. Official?

John wrote:

Not sure I agree with switching off your insulin if you have a hypo... it's
a nice idea, but in me in would take at least 30 minutes to see my bg start
to rise, and that is when I would need the insulin most to stop a rebound.
Hmmm. Anyone else had this advice?

I do this fairly often (no one told me to). I do it so if I'm very low I
don't have more insulin coming in when I don't need it, and I do it when I'm
marginally low in order to avoid or reduce the amount of eating I have to do
to treat the low. If it's very low I'll bolus, say, 45 minutes after I
turned off the pump to help cover rebound and the inevitable overeating I
seem to do these days in these situations (and I've had a few the past six
weeks. I'm very cross about it).

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