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Re: [IPk] Humalog by pump. Official?

> Not sure I agree with switching off your insulin if you have a hypo... it's
> a nice idea, but in me in would take at least 30 minutes to see my bg start
> to rise, and that is when I would need the insulin most to stop a rebound.
> Hmmm. Anyone else had this advice?
> John

I remember someone a while ago who was trained by Disetronic saying they had 
been given this advice.
I only switch my pump off when I'm hypo in a real emergency. 
I had to do it once when I ran out of glucose tabs/money/any form of hypo 
remedy in the middle of nowhere. All I could do was sit on the side of the 
road and wait for my Bg to come up. After about 20 minutes it gradually 
started to come up (probably more to due to the liver kicking in than the 
lack of insulin, but it was definitely worth doing). And very occasionally if 
I know I've done something stupid and have e.g. taken too large a bolus and 
then start to have a really bad hypo. Or if I'm going low and I'm in the 
middle of dancing or something. But that's because I know I will be needing 
less insulin for the next half hour or more, because I'll be continuing to 
There wouldn't be much point for me in routinely switching off the pump every 
time I had  a hypo, but when you don't know what's going on it could be a 
wise precaution?
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