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Re: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

elizabeth -

I sympathise with you.

It is *very* hard to accept a friend or colleague's *right* to not control
their diabetes well. You have to strike that horrible thing called a
balance - between ensuring that the friend knows what is possible, and
knows where and how to get help, and respecting your friend's right to live
their life the way they want to. We all die in the end - the question is
are you willing and able to make the extra effort all your diabetic life to
gain a further 10 years at the end.

Live out on the successes. I had a colleague in the Bayreuth Festival
Chorus who had had diabetes for 5 years. He was having terrible problems
controlling it. His wife had left him since diagnosis. He saw my pump and
wanted to know all about it. I gave him the talk, and he was fascinated.
The following year he too had a pump, had lost weight, and was in excellent
control. I was *so* pleased for him.

Also we don't always know where we help others... someone seeing you
testing your bg in public might be inspired to take greater care of their
own diabetes, and you would never know.

One other option is to set yourself up as a private diabetes advice
service, and charge people enormous sums of money for the advice you give.
I bet they would beat a path to your door...


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