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[IPk] Humalog by pump. Official?

I've no idea why, but I've just read the package insert that comes with my
Humalog. I'm in Germany at the moment, so this is a German edition. Guess
what? There is a special insulin pump section! The reason I'm surprised is
that doctors talk about Humalog being the ideal insulin for pumps, if you
can use it, but that it does not have regulatory approval. Does it now have
approval for pump use in Europe I wonder?

Nothing extraordinary in the instructions... they tell you to change the
infusion set every 48 hours. To use an asceptic method to insert it. To
switch off your pump if you're having a hypo. If you suspect a break in
insulin flow, to follow your pump instructions. And not to mix your Humalog
in the pump with any other insulin.

Not sure I agree with switching off your insulin if you have a hypo... it's
a nice idea, but in me in would take at least 30 minutes to see my bg start
to rise, and that is when I would need the insulin most to stop a rebound.
Hmmm. Anyone else had this advice?


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