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Re: [IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

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> It's very difficult to know what to do or where to begin. There does seem
> to be a huge lack of diabetes education in Ireland. If people haven't been
> educated to manage, they won't be able to manage - very few people actually
> do think they can educate themselves, or realise that it doesn't have to be
> the way it is. It's difficult to know what to do, and I'm fishing for
> suggestions, I think! I have thought of one: we're going to have the mutual
> friends organise a dinner with us and this woman, and I'm going to be
> conspicious with my meter and my pump and thereby (I hope) get a
> conversation about diabetes management going. Opinions welcome!
> elizabeth

It's very hard to standy by and watch someone in that kind of situation, but 
the key thing is that you can only help people who want to be helped. I have 
the same problem with a colleague at work. He's had type I for a number of 
years now, and won't test because he says it hurts his fingers. He keeps 
himself high most of the time so he won't go hypo. He tends to fall asleep at 
his desk every afternoon (no doubt due to high BGs). He doesn't seem to have 
problems with lows because he keeps himself too high, I think. But I've 
talked to him about MDI and the pump, I've offered him a BG meter and a 
painless finger pricker, I've tried explaining stuff. And he listens politely 
and sounds interested, but won't actually change at all or DO anything. He 
can see the results of not controlling your diabetes staring at him in the 
face by looking at me, but he obviously thinks it's not going to happen to 
him...... I've given up now, though I try to actively do stuff like test my 
BG in front of him.....

I think the key is to be conspicuous about your diabetes management and hope 
that some of it rubs off. It may be that this person is informed but just 
doesn't want to know, like my colleague. Or it may be that she genuinely 
doesn't have a clue, in which case if you can find a way in you might be able 
to help. I'd say that BG testing is definitely the place to start. If she's 
not doing that, then there's no point her carb counting or anything else.
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