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[IPk] poorly-controlled diabetics are following me

WE were visiting friends last night, and another friend of theirs called as
well. Apparently, about a half hour after we left she started acting very
strangely and had a very low blood sugar (which is very interesting, because
when she arrived she had a glass of coke to drink, and it wasn't diet). So
they fed her cakes and sweets and everything else, and whether because of
the low or because of the rebound or because of something else, she couldn't
drive home. So they had to ring someone who had to drive across the city to
collect her and take her home. Apparently this is quite a common occurence
with this woman.

So it seems the only well-controlled diabetic my partner's friends and
colleagues have ever met is me. My partner works with two type I diabetics,
one of whom didn't know you needed to eat more/take less insulin when
drinking lots, has hypoglycaemic comas a few times a year, the other of whom
has often been found wandering around the basement file room not knowing
where she was or who she was. They are both known as people who don't take
care of themselves - don't test regularly, etc.

It's very difficult to know what to do or where to begin. There does seem to
be a huge lack of diabetes education in Ireland. If people haven't been
educated to manage, they won't be able to manage - very few people actually
do think they can educate themselves, or realise that it doesn't have to be
the way it is. It's difficult to know what to do, and I'm fishing for
suggestions, I think! I have thought of one: we're going to have the mutual
friends organise a dinner with us and this woman, and I'm going to be
conspicious with my meter and my pump and thereby (I hope) get a
conversation about diabetes management going. Opinions welcome!

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