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Re: [IPk] hi pumpers donald

On Monday 22 October 2001 10:42, you wrote:
> >I'm pleased ot hear you're happy so far with using a pump. I hope it
> >continues to go smoothly for oth of you! I too like being able to eat when
> > I feel like it - or not, as the case may be.
> That was a major discovery for me when I started pumping... relearning the
> art of responding to my appetite when deciding what and if to eat. It was a
> revelation!
> In fact, it seems barbaric that for the 20 previous years I'd used food as
> a drug to treat myself...

It's not really surprising that so many people with diabetes have "disordered 
eating" (psychological problems with food, essentially). For years you learn 
to avoid responding to your appetite and you end up being forced to eat when 
you don't want to and being forced not to eat when you do. Even though it's 
generally considered a good thing to eat regular meals, it's not always 
psychologically the best thing. Having to be so strict with food means that 
it can easily turn obsessive - which is the start of the slippery slope 
towards a whole host of eating problems.  I spent many years as a teenager 
and beyond  teetering on the edge of this slippery slope, and it's only since 
being on the pump that I've felt (more or less) in control of food again.
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