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Re: [IPk] getting connected

Hi Alison,

Good luck to all of you - it's a big step, which I hope you find successful.
My son Sam (7) has been on his 508 for nearly 3 months and loves it.  The
extra freedom has made a big difference to him.  I can't advise too much on
funding yet - I have an application drafted, which I was hoping to discuss
with Sam's consultant earlier this week.  Unfortunately, he (the consultant)
was ill and the discussion hasn't yet happened.

A big question has to be will Steven be taking responsibility for his own
boluses?  Sam is quite a bit younger, but has recently worked out the child
lock and now does his own boluses with supervision.  This has helped a lot,
especially at school or if he goes to friends for tea.  All his friends'
Mums have a copy of a "food bolus chart" to help them.

If you haven't yet discussed the pump with school, you probably should do so
very soon.  It took a while for Sam's school to take more responsibility,
although they had always been prepared to do BG tests.  We found it helpful
to prepare a basic one page "pump basics", covering things like what to when
BGs are low and at what point to phone for advise when they are high.  In
Sam's case, we are advising on correction boluses when he is above a certain
level.  At first, my wife was going in to do the boluses every time, so it
has definitely helped now that Sam can do his own.

Finally, be prepared for lack of knowledge wherever you go, especially from
medical people.  I have been surprised by some of the questions we have had!

Best wishes.


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> Hi All
> Well, the big day has arrived.  Tomorrow my son, Steven (11) goes on the
> minimed pump.
> I know it is the right choice, but as a mother I have very mixed
> feelings tonight. He has the pump - great! - but funding is still to be
> found and the obstacles seem endless at a time when you least need it
> (i.e. when getting your head round the intricacies of pump therapy).  If
> the pump doesn't suit - what then?
> I suppose it's only natural to feel anxious and excited at the same time
> at this stage!
> I've done so much reading and learning about the pump that my brain
> feels pickled!
> Any good tips to do with a child on a pump would be gratefully received!
> --
> Alison Orchard
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