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Re: [IPk] Mixed news

Hi Liz
Sorry to hear about your bad experience but hope you are feeling better now.
That's interesting to hear about the policy at the NGH  as I live in 
Sheffield too - hopefully I won't end up there in a hurry! Though at least 
they did let you back on the pump in the end. If I'd know you were there I'd 
have come to visit!!!
Anyway, major congratulations on your HbA1C - that is a fantastic 

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 22:24, you wrote:
> Hello All
> I realise I've not been around the group for ages (Busy at work etc) but
> I've had what you might call an exciting week!
> Bad news first - I spent last week in the Northern General Hospital here in
> Sheffield with a nasty kidney infection which triggered DKA.  I started
> feeling unwell on Friday 5th Oct.  My sugars were all over the place but I
> kept plugging on with the boluses and they seemed to settle.  I slept all
> day Saturday - not even being awake nought to test, and when I woke on
> Sunday I knew there was something wrong and called the doctor.  By this
> time I was vomiting with abdominal pain and a Bg of 22.2 which is as high
> as my meter will read.
> I was admitted with DKA which they tied down to the kidney infection.  I
> was taken off my pump which was very much against my wishes and put on a
> sliding scale. When like this I am very hard to cannulate as I have very
> poor veins and during the next 36 hours first my IV fluids and then my
> insulin (!) were turned off because the cannula was failing and setting off
> alarms on the IV pump (IVAC).  On the Monday evening after 3 hours without
> insulin my sugar was back at 19.2 and I was severely stressed about the
> whole thing.  The doctor agreed to put me back on my pump on condition that
> a)I didn't vomit anymore, b)I eat properly and c)my sugars came down.  I'm
> afraid at this point these conditions sounded like I was being told I could
> go back on my pump if I *behaved* myself.
> At 2300 that same evening I was transferred to another ward where I was
> allowed to take responsibility for my own control and within 12-18 hours
> had my sugars right where I wanted them and had cleared my ketones.  I
> stayed in for the rest of the week as my white cell count remained high as
> I fought the infection, and was discharged on Saturday.  I'm staying at
> home for a bit to get my strength back - but I reckon I've got it licked!
> An interesting point (and quite logical) which came to light while I was in
> is that DKA can come on a lot quicker in a pumper as there is no backlog of
> insulin to delay it's onset.  Needless to day I will be a lot more vigilant
> next time I start feeling unwell!
> Last but not least .....  After previous HbA1c results of 14.1%, 13.9%,
> 11.8% and 13.1% I got the results from my first 'fully pumped' test which
> was taken at my September clinic visit.  Drumroll ....... it was 6.3%!!!  I
> would have been happy with single figures but this is absolutely bang on.
> And people ask if pumping makes a difference?!
> Right, I'll get off my soapbox now 'cos it's time I was in bed!
> Best regards to all
> Liz
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