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Re: [IPk] Pork insulin/ novorapid

>Dear Paul, I'm really surprised. It is now considered best practice to use
>human insulin as the default, standard issue, analogue insulins (that is,
>human insulin with slight modifications to make them work faster) as an
>alternative to improve control, and animal insulins such as pork insulin
>only in very exceptional circumstances. These animal insulins have a
>downside, so that when human insulin became available, all insulin users
>with few exceptions were changed over immediately!

Tony - forgive me if I hold a different view of animal insulins...

I am not aware of any medical evidence that synthetic 'human' insulin is in
general better than animal insulin. And for many people it has brought
serious problems - like loss of hypo awareness. And the long acting animal
insulins are believed by some to have a steadier release than the synthetic
'human' equivalent. In that light, I do not understand why the general
diabetic population who had no problems with animal insulin were moved onto
the newly developed synthetic 'human' insulin.

Bit more about it at http://www.iddtinternational.org/uk/

Me - I moved back onto pork insulin in 1995, and gained greatly improved
control. The bad night-time hypos that I had been getting completely
stopped. Pork insulin gets my vote. I stayed on pork Actrapid when I
started on the pump, and only moved to Humalog because it is a lot faster.

Paul - I tried NovoRapid in my pump last year, but I found it somewhat
slower than Humalog. I was looking for an improvement in the life of my
infusion sites, but the NovoRapid was no different from Humalog in me. But
as you have observed with Humalog, we are all different and can respond in
quite different ways to different insulins.

Good luck!


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