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Re: [IPk] FW: GHb and A1C


firstly, the change towards controlling BP as much as glucose. Basically, we
now have more detail mainly from the UKPDS study into Type 2, which shows
that tight BP control has an even bigger impact on outcomes than tight
glucose control. Obviously, the best outcomes come from having both.

Other studies have shown that in either type, small reductions in BP OR
HbA1c will have big effects on long-term risk of complications, particularly
retinopathy, heart disease and stroke.

Finally, studies have shown there isn't a bottom line to this effect, the
lower the better, and it is safe to aim for low targets for BP such as

If, like me, you don't like tablets much, try the following to keep BP down.
Stop adding salt to food, exercise regularly, and keep alcohol intake

Second, Glycosylated Haemoglobin and HbA1c ARE the same thing. While
Elizabeth's local test hasn't changed, they have changed the standardisation
to bring all labs into line with each other. Before this, your HbA1 might be
6.1 in one lab, and 7.1 in another on the same day! Confusing, but not
generally a problem if you always have it done in the same lab.

Tony O'S
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