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Re: [IPk] Being on the Minimed

On Tuesday 16 October 2001 21:29, you wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I am on the Minimed 508 since 3 days. It's fantastic!! But there are some
> questions that occured to me (by the way: i am not a youngster concerning
> pumping!)

Hi Kai

> 1) I have some problems taking a shower with the pump, because, as i was
> told by Minimed, the pump is NOT waterproof. How did you manage this point
> without taking off the whole thing??

If you use a disconnectable set, such as the Silhouette or Sofset, then you 
can just disconnect while you have your shower, and then reconnect. If you 
use a set that doesn't disconnect, you can either just put the pump in a 
plastic bag, or use a ShowerPack available from your Minimed supplier (it's a 
kind of plastic bag that seals around the pump, which you can then hang 
around your neck or on the shower).

> 2) What about the batteries: How long is it possible to take the pump
> without changing them??

That depends on several factors, such as whether you use the remote control, 
how often you bolus, whether you use the backlight, etc. But I think it's 
usually about 4-6 weeks. When you get the low battery warning, there's about 
10% of the battery life left in theory (enough for a couple of days at least, 
possibly up to a week).

Hope that helps
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