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RE: [IPk] Accu-Chek Complete

Hi Audrey -

I have this meter, which I brought back with me from the US (my diabetes
nurse gave me hers). If you decide you want it, you could buy it when in the
US or have someone buy and send it. It uses the same test strips as the
Advantage products.

It has a plain-language ATM-type interface, so there's no mystery about what
sort of button combination to press to change the time, etc. The meter can
give you your BG averages over a 30, 14, 7 day and 48 hour period. It has a
graph and a trend feature, which highlights your out of range BGs. It also
gives you the percentage of BGs in your various categories over a 30, 14, 7
day and 48 hour period. You define hypo, low, normal, and high (I wish you
could define a lower-high, because 33% of my readings last week were high -
but one of them was 17.5 and lots 8.9 and such. I think there's a big
difference!). There's also a diary feature, so if you set a temporary basal
you can log it in your meter (since the bloody pump doesn't remember it), as
well as details of carb intake. There's also a notes section, and you can
make a note that you were hypo, it was an invalid reading, etc. The meter
speaks English, Spanish, French, and German (and 'none', which is a very
strange option to have) and measures mg/dl or mmol/L. You can even choose
whether to use a fullstop or a comma in your readings (is that 5.6 or 5,6?)

You can download your readings via their software, and there was talk that
the Minimed com station downloads them as well (Ray was going to check this
for me. Any word, Ray?). Roche UK told me the meter wouldn't work with their
UK software, but I don't know if this is actually true. Note to John:
Perhaps we could have a chat with some meter company reps?

The things that a lot of people would find disadvantagous are that it's
quite large in today's terms: it's about twice the size of lots of meters.
It takes about 40 seconds to process a test.

I really like mine, and because it charts, graphs, and averages in the
machine I haven't yet bought software. Not needing to get software has been
important to me, because I'm a Mac person at home!

I'll be in Manchester at the INPUT open day on 25 November if you want to
see the meter in action. Or, of course, you could always come to Dublin :-)

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