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[IPk] Finaly got pluged in to my MiniMed pump (insulin day) 15/10/01

Got to the hospital for 10:00 with a cup of coffee in hand, remember Ann my
nurse arrived late last week as she had to drive down from Wales, and yes she
was late the time it's 10:20 and I didn't mind.

One of the office staff came up to me and said Ann has now arrived in to the
car park she will be with you in a few minuets, I said thanks.

Suddenly I could hear in the distance a bell, just then I saw a security
officer walk through the diabetic clinic, then one of the girls from the
clinic came out and asked us all to leave the clinic and assemble outside in
the gardens.

I have to say here the garden outside the clinic is a really a nice place to
sit, drink coffee, listen to the birds spy on them eating the bread that other
people throw on the grass for them.

15 minuets later we were asked to go back in , as I did Ann came looking for
me and we went in the our room with the same nurse as last week.

Ann asked me about my week on saline/water and I went through all my stories
that I had to tell her and she made note's.

Now, she said you can change the infusion set and lets fill up with insulin.

So I washed my hands,  what one have you chosen then she said, I asked her the
difference in price of the two, Sof-set and the Silhouette set, she said
there's not a great deal of difference so I had a think 1/2 a second really as
the one that I was most comfortable with is the Silhouette, she said ok,  I
asked her how do I get them, she said that she will order them for me and have
them delivered to my place of work,  this was to my request as I am at work
more that I am at home, I said great.

So I continued to replace the infusion and reservoir and installed it in to a
new place on the right side of my waist remembering to keep it 2 inches away
from my kidney scare,  I lost the kidney 17 years ago, a year later I became a

Now she asked me to prim the pump and I did it the right way, remember I did
it all upside down the last time on Thursday, this time I got it right.

We then set the basal rate to 0.6 it was Ann that worked this out and as she
said I will have to keep an eye on my blood sugars to make sure that this will
be ok for me.

Now she told me about the bolus that she recommends I use at meal times , I
will have to keep an eye on these to because, I can change them according to
my meals.

Now I am at home and just had a bolus of 8 and sat down to steak and chips and
some French bread.

as I had finish it the phone rang, it was Ann she asked me how I was doing and
I told her I reminded her that she started me at a blood sugar of 20 at 11:00
with a bolus of 3.5 then it went to 17 on its way down at 12:00 later at 13:00
it was 13 1/2 the next reading was at 14:00 and that was 4.2 and it was at
this time I had my lunch and a bolus of 8 units.

She said she told me that she thinks that 8 units is to much now for me I told
her I forgot and I made another note of this, she then said that she will
speak to me tomorrow in the morning,  I told her that I will be at work.
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