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[IPn] Re: [IP] New Numbers

One member wrote:
 spring, by GHb was almost 12 and by A1C was almost 9. (can't
> find the exact numbers) In July, the GHb was 9.8 and A1C was 7.92.
> My last numbers were: (drumroll!!!) GHb 7.94 and A1C  6.51. That's
> the best they have ever been. I started on the pump in May

All of you please take this opportunity to add your STATS to the 
Insulin Pumpers database -- the results of good stuff like this is on 
the ABOUT page of the web site, see:


Fill out an Insulin Pumpers Information Form (next to the map) of 
click the button on the MEMBERS ONLY page.

Your stats help show the world that pumping makes GREAT improvements 
in bg control.

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